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11 Best Inspirational Quotes That Inspires You!

I was penniless, I knew! But I would not be penniless, I also knew it. MY PROMISE TO MYSELF!   Are you running? Or chasing? Always Know it!   Ignore me for once I will ignore you, For Always!   Dear me, Stay strong. More to go, More to come.   Don’t be, that you are not.   Don’t scream to let others listen to you. Improve your ability! They will obey, What you...

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Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts in English – Me Inspires Me!

What destroy you? Your thinking! What makes you? Your thinking! So stay positive on your thinking, You will be doing good, be good always.     What I didn’t want in life. I got easily. So it’s time to get, what I want.     It is good to welcome the ignorance of everyone. than hurting yourself, with their fucking rubbish thoughts.     There is no “one day” in life. It is only...