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Love that Only You Do | Don’t Expect | Broken Life

Be unknown! Don’t make yourself known of anyone. Don’t be still when someown says. Once you accept you start expecting. Once it starts, You are the main villain of this role. Every time, I expect, Everyone is not the same. See in the last this expectation Proves, It is, Just their way of treating is, the bit in their style. You wanna become some OWN. Do you ever feel, Does she/they want to make...

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Heart Broken Quotes and Thoughts – Broken Heart Thought in English

People love,  for their interest. And fucked you off,  just for their own interest too.     If I saw your🎭 this face that day 💔 I never chose you❤️ To be a part of🚷 a single second of my life.     If you can’t give me love, It is better you return… Myself.     Nothing Heals, If Everything Feels.     Gift me a Promise! If your favor, Can make someone smile....

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Broken Heart Quotes and Thoughts in Hindi

पहले सपने बहुत देखता था, फिर भी नींद अच्छी आती थी, आज सिर्फ एक सपना है, और अब नींद ही नहीं आती।   वक़्त का तो बस बहाना है ये तो आप हो, जिसे हमसे दूर जाना है।     ज़िन्दगी आपके बगैर भी है, बस मै उसे जीना नहीं चाहता॥     अलग सिर्फ वो मुझसे नहीं हुए थे, खुद से भी, मै कही हो गया था॥     अपनों से बात करने...