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11 Best Inspirational Quotes For Inspiring Yourself Today

Capture the moments, That reminds you. What you were? Where you belong to? Where you have to go? Rest all nothing to do with   Nothing is special in today, Nothing is special in tomorrow. It is all about your feelings, That defines it.   No one will stand with you, Noone! then fucking why are you expecting? Ask yourself!   People don’t do kind, who is rich from money. People do kind, who...

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11 Best Heartbroken Quotes That I Felt- LoveLoneliness

No pain hurts if there is a pain inside your heart.   Living without you scares me, Not death.    The sad reality You encourage wrong, to be right! And expect me to be right, in every wrong situation.   You know the truth, but pretend to be don’t know & Hats off, you expect the same from me.   Silence Screams   Meet me with your real you, Not with a covered mask....

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7 Best Heartbroken Quotes -Breakup Quotes in Hindi

वो अंदर ही अंदर सहमा था मानो जैसे कब से तनहा था। वो अब तो ऐसे टूटा था मानो सब से नाता ही छूटा था। हर चेहरे ही अनजाने थे, मानो जैसे उसके अपने भी बेगाने थे। नजाने अब वो किस कस्ती मे बहे जा रहा था, ज़िन्दगी जाने उसके किस ओड लिए जा रहा। आश भी उसकी ख़तम ही थी जैसे जानो सदियों से टूटी थी।   इस डर से, की तुझे खो...